Progress is one of those things, that everyone can obtain, and few strive for.

Progress, like the light bulb, and the car are because people saw a problem and wished to change it.

This is true to me, because for years, my life never amounted to much. I was just another kid, a number even in many ways. I thought my little thoughts; never really talking to anyone, thinking on my own, or questioning what was told to me. That changed. I had a teacher who made us not take his word for it, but to research our own answers. From there, I started to progress as a person. I can honestly say, I never really cared to progress as a person until I saw the benefits. I wasn't much of a person, more like a walking automaton, but gradually I developed a personality, and unique thoughts. =) all because of progress.

I suppose seeing the problem is the first step toward change.

Whether it is personal progress, or technological progress, humans always seem to find a way to make their lives easier, simpler.

Progress is in the reach of those who wish to make it. When I think about it, I picture a person reaching to the stars, stretching to grasp a twinkle-ly shiny speck of unattainable dust.

Personal progress? My personal speck of unattainable dust? If I said it was a person, that would be too corny. No, not him, something else, a bit more meaningful to me, I have always wanted to… conduct an orchestra. So ok, this maybe a bit more corny than the boy I was in love with, but, oh well, this is my write up and my dream. =) Go with me, imagine standing in front of hundreds of people, you know you are dressed in black, perfect attire for a conductor. You bow to the audience, you turn and look at your orchestra, you tap your wand for their attention. Soon, the music begins, and it follows your movement. Lost in a trance, your heart knows this music, it has been beating this rhythm for the last few weeks as you practiced. You begin to live the music, and you float with it, breath it. When its done, your heart swells with the power it filled you with. The audience claps, and you bow again. This is your five minutes of fame. And you step down. That is my dream. Whether I attain it, is up to whether I am willing to 'wish to make it'.

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