Probability Distribution Voting:
A system of fair election

Traditional Election Systems make no distinction between a close race and a landslide. The individual who receives a plurality of the votes wins (sortof, there are a few exceptions, see the U.S.A principle of the Electoral College). A Plurality, not a Majority, this of course means that in any election in which there are more than two candidates, it is entirely possible for the greater part of the voting body to have voted against the elected party. Now, it is of course impossible to choose a candidate which will please everyone in these circumstances it may even be impossible to choose a candidate that will please most people. But it hardly seems correct that in an election of three candidates where the vote split was 33%, 33%, 34%. Probability Distribution Voting is an attempt at helping solve this problem of The Tyranny of the Majority. It also attempts to increase Public Awareness and Participation in the voting process. It Proceeds as Follows:

* - Every person participating in the election gets one vote which they can use to either increment or decrement a person's vote count. This vote can be used to vote for anyone participating in the election.

* - Each person begins with a vote count of one. The reason for this will become apparent in a moment.

* - Once all the votes are in, lottery numbers are allocated. Each person gets one number per vote that they have recieved.

* - After the assignment of Lottery Numbers, the vote counts and numbers are published. Shortly after publication, one of the lottery numbers is Randomly Drawn. The person who has that number is elected for the position. * - The person chosen may not decline -- this is because they had the option at voting time to vote against themselves. Because everyone starts with one vote, this is incentive for people to vote, even if they want nothing to do with politics: because if they don't at least vote against themselves they run the risk of being elected.

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