Also known as PCP (Principia Cybernetica Project), and not very different from our own E2, Principia Cybernetica uses nodes to encapsulate knowledge, instead of the chaotic structure of Everything, PCP uses pre-laid structures and conceptual navigation between nodes.

But the philosophy behind Principia Cybernetica is that is about philosophy. And they use cybernetics and systems science to provide the basis for a contemporary philosophy that is derived from, and further develops, the basic principles of cybernetics.

Everybody can contribute to the project, and there is a board of editors that are responsible for the production, maintenance and selection of the material. Annotation to nodes are accepted, -you can add a writeup!!, with the difference that they become "annotation" nodes themselves.

PCP would make a great Everything implementation, and is also a great source of ideas and new concepts, but it is its layout and structure what makes concept navigation through nodes such a great experience.

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