He came from a volcanic crater on the Big Island of Hawaii, up from the womb of Pele herself. Prince Ka'U is a being of untapped creative and magical potential. His father, R'zlf, was a muse operative on this plain of existence, an esoteric enigma in the ever-unravelling history of humankind. Many do not realize that muse operatives "operate" on the same plain as do dieties.

Prince Ka'U is absolutely a product of his environment psychically. Due to the fact that muse operatives are truly of earthly origins, Prince Ka'U is similarly bound to the earth.

His pain knows no bounds. After all, his only memory of his mother was at his fiery birth. He remembers because dieties too remember their births and he has inherited the trait. He remembers the alien sensation of dropping out of the astral plain and into the earthen domain where he was deposited within a steaming rift within the crater of Kilauea for that was her ethreal home. He heard her anguish as he was bathed in the cleansing sulfur fumes of the volcano.

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