A primary care physician is the main doctor you see when you have a medical appointment. They act as a central hub for your medical needs. If you need to see a specialist, they are the ones who let the medical insurers know and they connect them to you. After that, it is up to the specialist to arrange an appointment time.

For the Veterans Administration, this is how it should work. I recently had to fire my primary care physician for gross incompetence. He routinely forgot to send in prescriptions, he would tell me things and forget to write it in my medical file, and he had problems interpreting lab results. I finally had enough and filed a formal complaint. It took another month to get switched to the other PCP in the VA clinic I usually go to. The old doctor's nurse is very upset with me for complaining. 

The new PCP is night-and-day different. He's a straight talker, he writes everything into the computer after each point so it doesn't get lost, and he changed around some of my prescriptions to relieve a side effect that the other doctor ignored despite complaints. I like him so much I can forgive his tendency to wear bright orange Crocs.

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