Beware! There are some vendors listing on Price Watch who may gouge you on the shipping costs after luring you in with a low price.

The prices are entered by the dealers directly and may not reflect any prices posted to their own websites. The dealer should honor the Price Watch price, but as P/W is essentially just an advertising service there may not be a lot of help for you there.

(If the price isn't honored, E-mail them at, and if the shipping is unreasonable, E-mail them at

That being said, there are some truly great deals here. Forget, this is the goods.

Pricewatch vendors are usually the very, very lowest quality of Internet vendors. While I still use Pricewatch for comparison shopping and an idea of what a price should cost, I have never bought anything from it. Instead, I usually go by:
ResellerRatings has a list almost every Internet computer vendor out there. Along with individual comments and stories from people, every user fills out this questionaire:

Do you feel that you received a fair/competitive price for the item that you purchased from the company?
Were the salespeople courteous, knowledgable, and helpful?
If the product you purchased was shipped to you, did it arrive as expected without any delivery problems or delays caused by the company?
If you returned a product to the company for exchange or refund, did they exchange the product without a big hassle or refund your money without a large restocking fee?
Would you buy any products from the company again?
Would you recommend the company to a friend?
Overall, were you satisfied with this company?

These along with the comments have helped me steer clear from many a purchase. It is important to read all of the facts though. For instance, I don't really care if their Customer Service is lacking or delivery is slow. Just as long as they deliver and I can return it. But that's me.

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