Praem`u*ni"re (?), n. [Corrupted from L. praemonere to forewarn, cite. See Admonish.] Eng.Law (a)

The offense of introducing foreign authority into England, the penalties for which were originally intended to depress the civil power of the pope in the kingdom.


The writ grounded on that offense.

Wharton. (c)

The penalty ascribed for the offense of praemunire.

Wolsey incurred a praemunire, and forfeited his honor, estate, and life. South.

⇒ The penalties of praemunire were subsequently applied to many other offenses; but prosecutions upon a praemunire are at this day unheard of in the English courts.



© Webster 1913.

Praem`u*ni"re, v. t.


The subject to the penalties of praemunire.


T. Ward.


© Webster 1913.

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