"Hilarious" extension for the original Apple operating system

Powerorgasm is an extension for Apple's OS 7-OS 9 written by Frank Price and Mark Weaver for the Macintosh Portable and Powerbooks. After placing the 123 kb file in the extension folder and rebooting the machine, Meg Ryan's pretended orgasm from When Harry met Sally blasts full power out of the inbuilt speaker as soon as you plug it in the mains, causing potential embarrassment for the innocent victim of this prank, which is exactly what happened to me:

In 1994 I had to attend a scientific conference in Chicago to present a paper, so I took my Powerbook 145 with me to add some last minute data to the presentation, emailed to me from Cologne (yes, the internet existed in 1994). The congress went well, so 3 days later I made my way back to Cologne, but due to overbooking, Lufthansa had to divert me to Munich, but at least they bumped me up to business class. So there I was, waiting for my flight in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club, trying to do some emails on my trusty 2 bit 640x480 pixel screen, when the battery was about to run out. I plugged the darn thing in, and one second later Meg Ryan's alto yelled around the most conservative audience you could imagine.

Looks were exchanged, brows were raised, I went strawberry red and desperately tried to cover the little loudspeaker of that infernal machine.

Since then I've never given any of my friends access to the settings of my computers again.

Get it at ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/systems/mac/amug/files/util/powerbook/

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