A GPL shoot-em-up game for Linux. It is somewhat similar to Galaga, it features nice music and awesome sprites. You control a cute little ship with your cursor keys and shoot down hordes of bad little aliens, or blow up fields of asteroids with increasingly bizarre 3D spinning shapes.
The default resolution is 320x240, but you can get a larger (and slower) window with the --640 switch. You can run it in fullscreen mode with the --full command switch.
The game was written (and is still being developed) by a French outfit called TLK games (http://www.tlk.fr).

Powermanga is very playable once you understand the powerup mechanism. My impression is that once you have a full set of weapons it becomes quite difficult to understand what is happening, since you get tens of flying, homing, spinning objects flying around the screen.
Another issue is that, if your ship gets some damage at the higher levels, you have practically lost the game.
Probably the best part of the game is the manic care that has been lavished on the sprites: 3D rendered, very original, colourful and abundant. There must be about 3 megabytes of sprites.

The game compiled without any problem on my Red Hat 6.4 system. They tell me it works fine on Debian as well.
As an aside, I have no idea why they called it Powermanga. There is nothing ever remotely manga-like in the game.

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