This is a song by Ween, from the album 12 Golden Country Greats.

Rather mediocre country-style song with no meaning; it's never clear what "powder blue" means, but it seems they got bored with boring lyrics halfway through and decided to toss in weird things like "seventh sun of Orion" and stuff.

powder blue
powder blue
what can ya do
she's powder blue

The highlight of this song is when, true to many country songs when played live, the instrumentalists are introduced to the audience, through short solos after their names. This song has a twist though. After the usual round:

Bobby Ogdin on the piano . . . (piano solo) thanks, Bobby
Mr. Charlie McCoy . . . harmonica . . . (harmonica solo) . . . ah, Charlie
Russ Hicks . . . steel guitar (guitar solo)

We get a surprise.

and ladies and gentlemen . . . i'd like to present . . . Mohammed Ali

When Gene introduces Mohammed Ali, they then start to play a speech he made that makes no sense. He just rants about his opponent and his boxing style for a while even after the music stops. There was some controversy about whether they'd be able to use this speech in their song, and supposedly they were going to release the album without this extra weirdness. Somehow it got on there anyway.

This song is © 1996 by Ween, Elektra Records.

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