There are various catchy phrases used by Colonel Sherman Potter (Harry Morgan) on the TV show M*A*S*H. Many were euphemisms for bullshit, while others were to used to express elation, severe annoyance, or shock.

I doubt this list is all inclusive, so if you know of Potterisms I've missed, please, /msg me.

"horse hockey!"

"mule fritters!"

"monkey muffins!"

"buffalo bagels!"

"buffalo chips!"

"pigeon pellets!"

"pony pucks!"

"beaver biscuits!"

"cow cookies!"

"bull cookies!"

"pig feathers!"

"road apples!"

"hot sausage!"

"hot mustard!"

"jumpin' jodphurs!"

"sufferin' saddlesoap!"

"sufferin' sheepdip!"

"shiverin' shinbones!"

"holy hemostat!"

"busload of bushwah!"

"sweet limburger..."

"sweet Nefertiti..."

"Geeze Louise!"

"Great Gatsby!"

"Great Caesar's Ghost..."

"Great Mother McCree..."

"What in Hanna's Hell..."

"Where in the name of Carrie's Corset..."

"What in the name of Sweet Fanny Adams..."

"What in the name of Marco 'BLESSED' Polo..."

"What in the name of Samuel Hill..."

"What in the name of Great Caesar's Salad..."

"What in the name of George Armstrong Custer..."


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