Very, very yummy. Very, very easy. Very, very quick.

This is another one of those dishes that you can whip up within 15 minutes when you have a sudden craving for meat or when you have guests and you want to have the food served as fresh as possible without any pre-made stuff. Pork Fillet is the tastiest and most tender meat around, and if you find a good butcher who sources his meat from free range, organic pigs, you should be in culinary heaven.

For four guest you will need:

Cut the pork fillets into medaillons and finely chop the garlic. There, that's all the preparation you need. Now add a generous glug of olive oil to a heavy skillet and let it heat up. Add the pork medaillons and let them brown thoroughly on each side (ca 5 minutes each side should be ok). Remove the pork from the pan, and add the garlic. Let the garlic sautee for about a minute while you smell the lovely aroma waft through the kitchen, then add the chicken stock and stir frequently, making a nice fond. Add the mustard, sour cream, white pepper and salt and again stir until a nice even sauce is created. Now add the pork and let it gently simmer until the sauce is reduced enough to be nice and creamy. If you want to, add a bit of white wine, but this is not necessary, as the flavours are already quite succinct.

I serve this just with a large salad, as the flavours are too exquisite to be diluted with anything else. With such an onslaught on the senses, I would add a whitewine with oomph, for instance a good Gewürztraminer.


* Maylith has helpfully reminded me that within the U.S. (almost) nobody knows what a "fillet" is. Apparently the correct terminology is a "cross cut from the tenderloin".

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