An evil demon in the form of a bat who haunts Zanzibar and sodomizes his victims, be they man, woman, child, or domestic pet. There are numerous shetani or demons loose among the Zanzibaris, but many of them are merely naughty or malicious, causing flat tyres or breakages. Others specialize, such as by attacking only pregnant women.

Popo Bawa is an exceptionally evil shetani and so far neither the waganga (witch doctors, plural of mganga) nor the Muslim sheikhs have succeeded in ridding the island of him. He is rumoured to have arrived from the neighbouring island of Pemba some years ago.

He prefers to commit his hideous acts indoors, preceded by a sulfurous smell, and causing his intended victims to fall into a coma so he can wreak havoc on them.

So far three people have been stoned to death after being mistaken for Popo Bawa. The name in Swahili means 'bat's wing'.

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