Poor John.

They found him at his computer.

He was dead.

Poor John...

And why, you may ask, is John dead? Ahh, that is a very good question. I am very glad you asked it, for the cause of his dead could very well soon be the cause of yours...

For John was yet another victim of that virus known as Everything 2. Poor John had been trying to achieve level 3 nodership, his lifelong dream. He had been working day and night for weeks to get the 200 experience he needed to reach this goal. Poor John had neglected such things as food, drink, and sleep in this... this... this obsession of his. And rather than achieving what he so desired, his neglecting of these basic necessities caught up with him, resulting in the parting of his being and this existance...

Poor John.

Now, my friends, is this a thing you would like to put yourselves through? Is this the way you wish to end up? Is this truly what you wish for your grandchildren (how you would happen to have grandchildren, I do not know) to remember you for?

I sincerely have doubts that it is.

So, please, my fellow noders, keep in mind this tragic happening as you go off on your lengthy noding sprees, lest some thing no less tragic happens to you.

I know I will.

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