A highly understated American near-luxury, almost-sports sedan is Pontiac's attractive, front-wheel drive Grand Prix. The car itself is really quite large by today's standards, and gives a ride as smooth as silk, thanks to the car's width (as Pontiac has claimed in their televised advertisements, "Wider is Better"). Roomy, technologically advanced and with a whole bucketful of bells and whistles available, the Grand Prix is not a car to be sneezed at.

Grand Prix Models

Grand Prix SE: The base model of Grand Prix, the SE boasts a 3.1-liter V6 engine producing a modest 175hp @ 5200 rpm. It comes with a bunch of goodies standard, including (but not limited to!) remote keyless entry, cruise control, four-wheel disc brakes, a driver's power seat, overhead console, an anti-theft system, power everything, CD stereo... the list goes on and on.

Grand Prix GT: The Grand Prix's GT model throws in a larger engine and a lower, wider, more aggressive frame. The GT boasts a 3.8-liter V6 outputting 200 horsepower. Apart from the larger engine, the GT also has an available heads-up display with digital output on the interior of the car's windshield, similar to the one you can find in a new Corvette. Other cool features available are a heated driver's seat, sunroof, and a trip computer, among others. Yummy.

Grand Prix GTP: Oh baby. The GTP takes the GT's 3.8-liter and throws in a supercharger, creating a 240 hp beast capable of easily dispatching most of the little rice-cars you see plaguing the roadways. Plus you get an enhanced traction system, the OnStar navigational/assistance computer system, anti-lock brakes, variable-assist steering -- this is definitely Pontiac's sports car -- next to the almost extinct Firebird.

The SE starts at $22,280 (GT at $24,130 and GTP at $26,930) -- definitely worth looking at if you're in the market for a luxurious, but respectably powerful sedan. (It's also one of the only new American cars that isn't either hideously ugly or a look-alike of another car.)

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