...or more accurately "Pölsa". A real meal for a real man. Traditional food for countless generations of Scandinavians.

Pölsa is traditionaly based on mashed lungs of beef and gristle. It's normally sold in plastic tubes good for a portion or two, much like pea soup.

For flavour, other offal is added. Kidney and liver in the de-luxe variants, but the cheaper versions flesh the pölsa out with brain, shredded guts and bone flour.

Pölsa is fried in a pan until you get a nice, crisp crust on both sides. Serve with fried eggs and pickled root-beet.

As I am swedish, I have eaten more than my fair share of pölsa, and it IS very good. Unfortunately, vCJD has scared me from eating any food where a major ingredient is cow brain. Oh well. Back to surströmming and lutfisk.

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