This is just a small (slightly ranty) node to point out that, whether you're on one side of the atlantic or the other, or in a different part of the world altogether,

You Can't Describe A Verb With an Adjective!


The type of word you were looking for to describe said verb was an adverb, and should be used as follows;

Take a verb, any will do, here I'm using the past tense of the verb "to run". Say I want to describe how I ran. I could have been very quick in my running activities, and so to say this I would say "I ran quickly".

To say "I ran quick" is a crime against whatever form of English you practice, and only those for whom English is not a mother tongue should be excused.

This also counts for multiple adverbs, for example "I ran real quick" should read "I ran really quickly".

That is all.

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