Have you ever wanted to play the human genome project on your computer? Hey, all it takes is Linux, a strong patience with noise, a working /dev/audio/, and lax Police.

Step 1: Go to http://genome.ucsc.edu/

Step 2: Download any of the files, as long as they contain some of the chromosome information. Save it to some folder of your choice on your Linux box.

Step 3: While in the BASH shell, simply enter this here command.

$cat (wherever/whatever) > /dev/audio/

Let the fun begin! Test yourself, see how long you can stand the new groove playing on your speakers. Compete yourself against your friends and time yourself to see who can take it the longest!

Yes, this is the result of thousands of years of human existance, finally put into an easy to read set of data. Put it to music, and yes, it sounds like complete bullshit.

Also have fun catting weird things to /dev/audio/

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