Possibly the best pizza restaurants in existence. Together with providing great value-for-money food and drinks in a stylish surrounding, thanks to their founders, Peter Boiroz’s, love of all that is jazz, many of the restaurants serve up a lavish helping of music to entertain and enlighten you while you eat.

There are more than 280 restaurants in the UK alone and more popping up in other countries too. With identical menus at each restaurant you can go almost anywhere and get exactly what you want (usually a “Sloppy Giuseppe” in my case but the choice is yours). In addition to all of these fantastic assets, you can also plan your evening from the comfort of your keyboard. They have a restaurant finder, menus and more at their website!

What is more they even have a fan club you can join so devoted members can enjoy even more from the restaurants. They are the quite definitely the only restaurants that I know I can really rely on to enjoy great value and tasty, authentic food.

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