A pseudo-dialect from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which can make outsiders cringe or feel utterly confused. For example, 'ow' sounds like 'ah,' -- so "downtown" and "found out" sound like "dahn-tahn" and "fahnd aht." Another distinctive pronunciation is the long "e" vowel which sounds like the short "i." So a Pittsburgh football fan roots for the "Stillers."

Also, the verb 'to be' does not exist. If your mom is being annoying she might say, "Johnny, your bed needs made."

a short lexicon:
yinz = you guys (plural of you). People who speak Pittsburghese are called Yinzers.
gumbans = rubber bands
arn = iron
arn city = iron city beer, a local shitty brew
n'at = and that (a pair of words stuck on to the end of a sentence)
one time (similar to above) ...Wanna go down to The 'O' for a snappy hot dog one time?
sammich = sandwich (as in a Primanti Brothers sammich)
scrap = fight
birz = beers
Mahnt Lebanin = Mount Lebanon (a suburb)
Minrovil = Monroeville (another suburb)
Ver-sails = Versailles (suburb again)
KerNAYgie = Carnegie (as in Carnegie Mellon University)
Redd-up = tidy up ...Be sure to redd-up your room before you leave.
Worsh = Wash ...I spilt some Heinz kitch-ip, and now my shirt needs worshed.
Jumbo = Bologna ...May I have a pahnd of Jumbo please?
Nebby = Nosey, curious ...The next door neighbor is very nebby.
Sahside = Southside ...The office is dahn in Sahside.
Dahntahn = Downtown ...We went shopping dahntahn.
Picksburg = Pittsburgh
E Sliberty = East Liberty ...I live in E Sliberty.
Squill = Squirrel Hill
Geagle = Giant Eagle (the area's supermarket behemoth)
Haas = House ...The painters are busy painting the haas.
J'eat = Did you eat?
Jag-off = Technically, one who masturbates, a wanker. Used as a general jab, like calling someone a moron.
Jaggers = Thorns ...These jaggerbushes have jaggers on them.
Still Mill = Steel Mill. ...He works dahn at the still mill.
Crick = Creek ...Wanna go dahn to the crick one time?
Aht = Out ...We should go aht to Minrovil to do some shoppin'.
Kennywood's Open = your fly is unzipped
Ignernt = Ingorant
Keller = Color
Redlight = Traffic light
Shahrs = showers ...April shahrs bring May flahrs!
Cut = slice (as in 'slice of pizza')
Grasscutter = lawnmower
Leggins = snow pants
Raht = route
Picher = picture
Tahl = towel
Tahr = tire
Pisgetti = Spaghetti

Also, people tend to use 'spicket' instead of faucet, and 'pop' instead of soda. The days of the week in pgh are: Sundy, Mundy, Tuesdy, Wensdy, Thursdy, Frydy, Sadurdy.

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