Piggy Back Wars.

A game invented by us, though probably not entirely unique, at Portsmouth Grammar School, during our study leave for AS-Levels in Spring/Summer 2001. (Us being my group of insane friends, who over the years have come up with some crazy-ass ideas, but this one is one of the best and most long-standing.)
This game was played in the IBM Suite, a computer room, full of IBM PCs, donated by IBM for some reason or other (hence the name), to our school, and by the time this game was invented, had been effectively abandoned by all, except us. Not even the IT Centre staff bothered with it any more, it was too much effort.

Piggy Back Wars: Rules and Regulations:
  1. Riders must remain mounted throughout the game. Once the rider is off, that rider and his "steed" are out for the current round.
  2. No projectiles. This includes, but is not limited to: Any use of any of these will result in immediate disqualification, and up to a 5 round ban.
  3. The only weapons allowed other than body parts are: you ties. Only one weapon per person, and it must be your own. If you do not have one: tough.
  4. If the "steed" hits the floor, with rider still attached, and manages to regain standing position, you may continue, so long as the rider remains mounted for the duration. If only because if you can stand up from being on the floor with someone on your back, you deserve to carry on.
  5. The last pair standing will be declared the winners of that round. Rematches will be required if the result is ambiguous at all.

Right then. Now you know the rules, you'll need somewhere to play. Obviously, the more space you have, the more space you have to run away. coward.
So a room with no breakable stuff in is perfect, provided you don't live in a mansion with huge rooms.

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