Picture Pages was a children's educational television program with Bill Cosby. You could just watch it on the tv or participate along with Bill Cosby in a Picture Pages book. I think you sent away for the book. He'd start each episode with "Well there you are and here I am" and he'd write in the larger version of the book with "Mortimer Icobod Marker". It made a dee-dee-dee-dee-dee sound when he wrote. You'd learn about things like shapes and sizes, numbers and words and letters, animals and colors, what is different and so much more.

The theme song went something like:
"Picture Pages, Picture Pages,
Time to get your Picture Pages,
Time to get your crayons and your pencils".

The closing song went something like:
"You can play with Picture Pages,
FIll your day with Picture Pages,
'Till Bill Cosby does another Picture Page with you!"

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