A popular "safe and sane" firework that is readily available almost anywhere in the USA. Under normal conditions, Piccolo Petes simply whistle obnoxiously for a minute or so, but, if properly prepared, they can be made to explode with about the force of an M-80!

Preparation instructions:

  • Wrap the Piccolo Pete tightly with electrical (preferably) or duct tape.
  • Pound the Piccolo Pete with a hammer about half way along its length until it is very compressed.
  • Light and get the hell out of the way.

I have also found that if you first drill or poke a hole in the cap of a plastic water botter, then place the Pete in the bottle and screw on the cap, such that the Pete's fuse sticks out of the hole that you have made, the explosion is far bigger. You see, when the Pete explodes, the sudden expansion has nowhere to go and the bottle melts or shatters (usually no shrapnel is produced). The explosion of the bottle greatly amplifies the effect.

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