So, I decided to do something incredibly weird. I wanted to help out around the house. So, rather than clean, or do laundry, I'd make a low-fat, tasty, high in Vitamin C dessert/snack. I opened up a Gourmet Magazine, and flipped to the popsicle cover story. Eschewing the alcoholic ones, I decided to make Piña Colada Popsicles. They're really good.


3 cups of cubed, fresh pineapple
1/2 cup of Malibu rum, or in my case, pineapple juice
1/2 cup of coconut cream (I suggest Coco Lopez), WELL-STIRRED!
Popsicle mold. Duh. Mine was an excellent one from Williams-Sonoma. Not WS brandname, though.

1. Before we begin, this makes 8 popsicles with a little bit of the mix left over. It tastes good frozen or not, so just have a little sip. Anyhow, throw all the ingredients in a blender, and whir, whir, whir until smooth.

2. Strain ingredients through a fine sieve, into a large glass measuring cup. This is to get rid of pineapple pulp you might have missed.

3. Pour mixture into your popsicle mold. Let the mold freeze for a short period of time (20 minutes without rum, an hour with), so as to put in your sticks more effectively.

4. Freeze the mold. It should take around 4 hours non-alcoholic, but a good 24 with rum. Remove carefully from the mold, now, ya hear?

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