The most hilarious phone phreaking-and-scams 'zine ever. It actually very rarely had anything to do with phreaking, usually focusing on making the lives of various people (telephone operators, police, telephone linemen, a jerk named Chris Tomkinson, and a big stupid redneck named Dino Allsman) miserable in a high-tech way and having a great time in the process.

While they claim that "PLA has never been any kind of organization or group!", the zine was largely written by a group of people who did seem to know each other quite well, going to h/p cons like HoHoCon, Defcon, etc. while the rest of us just read about their exploits and sat around like idiots wishing that we knew Nekkid Amy.

Most of the action in the phone losers centered around RedBoxChiliPepper, or RBCP, and his girlfriend (wife?) Colleen Card. They moved around a lot and seemed to devote their lives to goofing off and getting things for free, like some kind of modern-day Yippies. The Phone Losers seemed to go dormant for a while, then they came back as the United Phone Losers, or UPL; but by then I was out of high school and had long since lost almost all interest.


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