Phil`o*pe"na (?), n. [Probably a corruption fr. G. vielliebchen, LG. vielliebken, or D. veelliebken, a philopena, literally, much loved; but influenced by Gr. a friend, and L. poena penalty, from an idea that the gift was a penalty of friendship or love.]

A present or gift which is made as a forfeit in a social game that is played in various ways; also, the game itself.

[Written also fillipeen and phillippine.]

One of the ways may be stated as follows: A person finding a nut with two kernels eats one, and gives the other to a person of the opposite sex, and then whichever says philopena first at the next meeting wins the present. The name is also applied to the kernels eaten.


© Webster 1913.

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