The Philadelphia Award was founded in June of 1921 by Edward W. Bok. It carries a $25,000 honorarium. Today it is administered by a Board of Trustees. The award is given each year to the person who has done the most to advance the interests of the community.

Board of Trustees
William J. Marrazzo, Chairman
Charisse R. Lillie, Vice Chairman
John P. Mulroney, Secretary and Treasurer
Denise McGregor Armbrister
Albert P. Black, Jr.
Reverend Danny Cortes
Anne d'Harnoncourt
Jane R. Eisner
Happy Craven Fernandez
Reverend Doctor W. Wilson Goode Sr.
Stephanie W. Naidoff
Enid Curtis Bok Okun
Donald Parks, M.D.
Pedro A. Ramos
Susan Sherman
Cecilia Moy Yep

Past 10 Years of Awards
2002 – Lorene Cary
2001 – Bernard C. Watson, PhD
2000 – Ernesta D. Ballard
1999 – Cecilia Moy Yep
1998 – Graham S. Finney
1997 - Anne d'Harnoncourt and Jane Golden
1996 - Arlin M. Adams
1995 - Edward G. Rendell and John F. Street
1994 - Jeremy Nowak
1993 - The Hon. Walter H. Annenberg

sources Awardbackgroundinfo.DOC

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