"I am the most hated person in the Internet."

A Finnish "computer legend", columnist and a computer book author.

Hobbies include reading and writing (some say unfortunately), opera and home theater. Lives and works in in Espoo. Winner of many awards. Home page: http://www.pjoy.fi/ (runs NT and IIS, of course).

The person who wrote the flying verse "...those who can't, write manuals" probably had "PJ" in mind. Järvinen has been known to be a "quiet Microsoft supporter"; while he doesn't exactly evangelise, he says the the competitors are often bad. Usually, more computer-savvy people can only laugh at his arguments. Regrettably, some so-called "ordinary users" think he's an Expert.


A case in point would be PJ's column in December 1992 issue of Tietokone magazine - I'm surprised he bothers to keep the text available on his web page, even when some consider it his darkest hour. The column is titled "32 bits - so what?", particularly aimed against OS/2. Here are some of the arguments he uses there...

  • The fact that there's no segment size limitations in 32-bit Intel processors is good, because huge graphics and huge spreadsheets can be handled much easier. (so he got that right!) But, he says, there's really no need for 32 bits in word processing or modem use, because the data is still 8-bit.
  • Sure, UNIX is nifty and it's probably cool to compile crap on one window and play games in other and have text editor open and all that... but most people only need one application anyway, so simple, Windows-like multitasking is good enough!

Since writers are often known for famous quotes, here are some more of them:

"Next year, everyone can make Jurassic Park-grade animations with their home PCs." (1996)

"...enthusiasts tune their clone micros, install overclocked processors, software copied from friends, games and other cruft, and then they wonder why Windows crashes..."

"...code inside one 64 kilobyte segment is fast and compact, and this will help to maximize the use of the small cache in the processor."

"I was surprised to hear that many of the people who answered said Windows was a necessary evil - even a swearword."

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