From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 27. Petites Timballes of Fillets of 'Turbot a la Venetienne

This is an entree of dessert held in high estimation. It requires but very little fish to make it. Cut whatever is left of the turbot into dice, as small as possible. For the sauce take three spoonfuls of Bechamel, to which add a good lump of butter, salt, white pepper, a little parsley chopped very fine, and well squeezed in a napkin, that it may not give a green colour to the sauce. Then put a little cavice, that of Mackay's, which is the best, is the composition which agrees the most with all fish sauces, particularly when kept many years. Keep stirring your sauce, which is generally called " working " it (the French call it "vanner"), taking up the sauce in a ladle, and pouring it perpendicularly into the stew-pan, repeating the operation frequently and very quickly, to make the liquid transparent. When it is mellow and of a good taste, throw in the small dice of turbot, keep them hot, and when ready to send up to table, garnish the little timbales with the turbot. Let them lie for a moment in the oven, and send them up hot. If you have no Bechamel, you must make use of melted butter enriched with a little cream.

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