Canadian radio personality and author. Host of Morningside, CBC's morning talk show for many years. (Essentially, Gzowski was Morningside, and vice versa.) Now in semi-retirement, he is still doing odd jobs for the CBC, and writing a bit still, i think. He didn't graduate from the University of Toronto (he was working too hard on The Varsity, apparently), and thus classes in that odd crowd of drop-outs the university invites to alumni functions.

Peter Gzowski died January 24, 2002 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to emphysema, because he was a lifelong chain smoker. Peter was many of things: an author, a literacy fundraiser, an occaisonal TV talk-show host, and a print journalist, to name a few, but he's best remembered as the host of Morningside, which ran every morning on CBC radio (Canada's national public broadcaster). Also, as an graduate who actually had the chance to meet Peter on a few occasions while I was a student, I should note that he was also the Chancellor of Trent university.

The thing about Peter is that he had a knack, as a writer, but especially as a broadcaster, to create a personal connection with his audience; although it might sound dopey, people who had never met him considered him a close friend. The outpouring of grief across Canada at the time of his death speaks volumes about his ability to create a sense of community across a very diverse and heterogeneous nation.

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