Also known as a PAR (Personnel Accountability Reporting) system. A method of tracking personnel in emergency, large-scale situations such as fires, plane crashes, etc. Differs from department to department, but regardless of the method, the National Fire Protection Agency requires they have one in place.

The standard use is as follows:

  • Each fire fighter is assigned a PAR number (Generally their badge number).
  • They are given a card or identifying item of some sort with their name, and this PAR number.
  • These are kept on a keyring with a card identifying the unit the fire fighter is attached to (Ex: Engine Company, Brush Truck, etc.)
  • Upon arrival of a major incident, the keyring is given to the incident commander, who then assigns the company to a specific part of the incident.
  • Upon arrival of their working location, the keyring is passed to the person in charge of that sector, who has the responsibility of assigning that crew out.
  • If the crew is split up for their assignments, they take their respective card with them, and give it to wherever they report.
  • When they leave the sector (and when they leave the incident) the card is given back to them.
This method is supposed to ensure that command is able to locate personnel in a timely fashion, such as the case of an imminent collapse, or a missing firefighter. Command would call for a PAR check, at which point each sector commander would report where their personnel they have marked are at.

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