The noise in the room spun around my head like a bat out of hell. I focused on the shadows beneath me as I descended into the receding lights of the motorway. Forcing my contorting face with the aid of my free hand I pushed my head sideways: I saw a blinding red snapshot of her head disappear from my field of vision. The visor was still on maximum strength, I couldn't keep this up for much longer. The display indicated the solar panels were not gleaming enough sunrays - the fuel cells kept the ornithopter going.

Dawn woke. The day grew brighter and brighter with each new second. The Leonardo da Vinci-style aircraft flew as if it was radio controlled from a deep space asteroid. The controls were sluggish. On the horizon the city grew bigger as the distance between myself and civilisation shrunk. I was now going at speeds of up to 450 mph, roughly 4 to 5 metres above the ground. Keeping low enabled the radar systems to confuse me with oncoming traffic, the speed was disguised by a cloaking device stolen from the Alpha quadrant. Highly illegal, but highly effective.

As the source energy levels dropped I switched off all unnecessary power usages, the glimmering light in the background switched itself off together with a myriad of other unuseful devices. I was sitting in darkness. Steering the wings with my hands I dipped the aircraft under a bridge, missing its concrete ceiling by inches. The towers above me started tracking my movements, the neon radar on my left indicated that Nani Corp was scanning my exterior. I emitted a mild radioactive flare to put them off my track. I would only know if it worked if they stopped scanning me.

I decided to turn all power off and glide to my destination. I would need to manually control the flaps to avoid sinking to the ground. Firstly, I ascended to a safe height - around 15 metres high would suffice. Gently rising, I switched all power off, the rechargeable batteries would soak up this valuable time giving the fuel cells an electric wrapper of comfort. The noise levels dropped and I began to take a much needed rest. I unhooked the wires on my legs and arms whilst taking a look at the gaping hole in the carbon wing span.

The autonomous power controlled lasers encased my index fingers with a tint of red light. This was all I needed to flap the wings and control the flaps. It was like rowing a boat with your fingers. I had been shot by an iron laced water cannon. It was an eclectic combination of water, sulphuric acid and an iron compound. Mixed together to form a potent and highly dangerous cannon water ball, thrown through the air as if it was a ball spinning off the bat of a 21st century baseball player. This thing would propel through the air at random intervals from an unknown location to me. I had been very unlucky to be hit, a 1 in 100000 chance, or so I had been told. The self healing generator would soon fill the head sized hole with a silicon type doe to stop any unwanted spies or visitors entering my cabin. I sat back down into my leather seat, leaving the wires dangling to and fro.

I was nearly there. My fingers began to ache as the wings struggled to cope with the approaching strong wind. I strapped myself into my vgloves, added a new sensor imput to counteract the invisible force I was experiencing from the wind. I glided at a conservative speed. I switched the generic power systems back on, and discovered I was no longer being tracked. They had lost me, for the meantime. Gradually I switched everything on. One by one lights, displays, blinked and flashed in my face. Tapping into a virtual hub, I pitched the aircraft with an accuracy akin to a predator after its prey.

By moving my hands in such a manner, the vgloves wove their magic. With an ounce of vivacity the velocity crept to a safe and comfortable equality. I was having a smooth journey.

The target approached rapidly. The white fluffy clouds above me turned into her face. As if foreordained, the sky broke its silence with a clap of thunder followed by a spectacle of heavy rain. My craft adjusted itself to the new conditions, a thickening foam paste licked the outer shell sealing all the pervious holes. Our intruders called the captain "Deploy secretions", I was surprised of the actual quantity the glands secreted. It seemed as if her face was dipped into a swimming pool, liquid covered all her outer edges. She wept.

The light around my craft dimmed, the mission had been accomplished. She had been successfully divided into a series of sums that did not equal its parts. She was processed. Sucking in the air around me, a vacuum swallowed myself and my craft. We vanished.

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