Bah bay bye bow boo
Dah day die dough doo
Fah fay fie foe foo
Gah gay guy go goo
Hah hay hie hoe hue
Jah jay jie joe jew

Pentatonic phonemes is a simple sound game. For each consonant phoneme of the standard English alphabet, pair the consonant with all five short vowel sounds (this game would multiple exponentially in length and prerequisite linguistic knowledge to hit all the diphthongs. I shudder at ordering those properly). It is useful as a lullaby, and to introduce babies and pre-verbal toddlers to the component sounds of the English language as well as the shapes our lips and tongue must make to produce them.

Kah kay kie koh koo
Lah lay lie low lieu
Ma may my mo’ moo
Na nay nigh know new
Pa pay pie po’ pew
Ra ray rye row rue

The lines feel best sung. Single steps and patterns in the DO-RE-MI family are best suited. For example:

Lah (DO) lay (RE) lie (MI) low (FA) lieu (SO)
Might feel best followed by
Ma (RE) may (MI) my (FA) mo’ (SO) moo (LA)
Only for a wrinkle of
Na (MI) nay (FA) nigh (SO) know (FA) new (MI)
Before the descending
Pa (SO) pay (RE) pie (MI) po’ (RE) pew (DO)


Sah say sigh sew sue
Ta tay tie toe two
Vah vay vie voe voo
Wah way why woe woo
Ya yay yie yo you
Za zay zie zoh zoo


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