As a recent ex-patriot Brit, I am delighted to see that one of the runaway successes of this year's Edinburgh Festival was the debut of a rather novel Cabaret act.

The Bellvookistahni Penis Puppets is an act which involves two men wearing Kilts (of course), who during the course of the show manipulate their genitals into interesting and amusing shapes.

I can't tell you how it pleases and reassures me that my homeland has not lapsed into gratuitous good taste in my absence.

I scarcely need add that said men were not Scottish and of course had no right to wear the traditional Celtic attire

The two puppeteers that have made this show mainstream are Simon Morley and David Friendy who manipulate their genitals into various unnatural objects. This show just came to my university. I didn’t think it was that bad, but we all had a few beers by the time the show started. The show lasted around an hour.

Some facts on Penis Puppetry:

First known dick trick taught to Simon Morley was the Hamburger, taught to him by his younger brother.

Puppetry of the Penis first started as the title of an art calendar displaying twelve tricks of genital manipulation.

Simon decided to unleash his talent on the world on New Year’s Eve in 1997 after numerous requests for live demonstrations, but failing to sell very many calendars.

Simon enlisted David Friendy who had prior experience with penis manipulation from college as a costar in a live show demonstrating their amazing penis talents.

The 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, their first performance, had such a reaction, the show became a huge hit. Simon and Friendy then embarked on a national tour throughout Australia.

This tour was recorded in a documentary “Tackle Happy”

Success in Australia encouraged the boys to take their wares to the 2000 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, where they were humbled by yet another sell-out season.

The boys signed a contract with producers, David Johnson and Richard Temple, and now they have been touring throughout Australia, UK and North America.

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