For smokers who'd rather take a stand than a seat.

This is for parties where folks stand and chit-chat. They like standing, where there are no chairs, maybe in the kitchen.

The pendulum bong resembles a two-spouted kettle or pot. One spout is a receptacle bowl connected to a pipe that goes down to the bottom of the pot. The pipe goes into the pot, which has liquid in it. The other pot goes in the bowl; the bong-pot has a mouthpiece on the other side. Maybe a diagram is needed, but I think most people get the picture.

The handle of the pendulum bong is tied to a rope, attached to a hook, in the middle of the ceiling. There's another hook up there for storing the bong. There are small containers on the side of the pot to hold a lighter and stuff to put in the bowl.

When folks congregate in the kitchen and someone says, "How about a smoke?; Shall we go sit?", reach up and unhook the pendulum bong, fill, light and hit it. Then, let go of the pendulum bong and it swings across the room for the person standing opposite.

After using this for a while, people enjoy passing the bong, and are never embarrassed by accidentally dropping it. It's fun watching it swing. Happy trails.


"...Cosmik Debris?" Yes, indeed, Frank Zappa

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