The best peanut butter sandwich I've ever made and eaten involved large thick slices of potato bread, crunchy peanut butter, strawberry preserves and thick slices of banana. Peanut butter is spread thick on one slice of bread of course and the jelly goes on the other. Using a butter knife I take an entire banana, and make banana slices that are about a half inch thick, and place enough of them on the peanut butter side to insure they all stick. Then the rest go on the jelly side. If done right, one should be able to put the peanut butter side on top of the jelly side with no mess. If you're real daring, chocolate syrup and honey add a nice touch. Cutting the sandwich in half is cheating, and could be messer than it's worth. It's best to eat the sandwich in one piece, with a napkin handy just in case, but the potato bread should be strong enough to withstand the experience. If making several for friends, only serve them on paper plates. It's part of the experience. Finally, the ideal complement to this sandwich is a glass of milk. However, since I'm not as young as I used to be, I had to drop to skim milk or soy. Whereas I used to practically live on this as a kid, now it's just a nice occasional treat. =)

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