Australian born composer now living in London. Schütze is best known for highly experimental work, particularly innovating in the realms of ambient soundscaping, improv, sound design and jazz rock. He has worked with numerous (countless?) projects, starting off studying Indian drumming and founding the Melbourne-based eighties improv/avant-garde group Laughing Hands. A professed fan of krautrock act Can, Miles Davis and Brian Eno, Schütze's work is varied and complex, it has been known to include spoken-word, improvisation on baroque organ, electric jazz, and heavy dub. He has scored over 20 films, done sound design, produced 21 albums and co-curated the multimedia installation "Deus Ex Machina". Recently, he has released more accessible work under the moniker Uzect Plaush (an anagram for Paul Schütze). He has worked with famed bassist and producer Bill Laswell, Finnish guitarist Raoul Björkenheim and Japanese trumpet-abuser Toshinori Kondo.

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