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Paul Curreri is an excellent singer and songwriter based in Charlottesville, Virginia. It's difficult to classify his musical style beyond folk music, but it really stands out. His songs are well crafted poetry, with a great deal of internal rhyming and lyical beauty. Both his voice and guitar playing are distinctive; once you hear either one for about 2 seconds, you know it's Paul even if you've never heard the song he's playing before.

He grew up in Richmond, VA and moved to Charlottesville in 2000. He likes to tell the story of his introduction to the Charlottesville music scene. He went to a show called King of My Living Room which featured Charlottesville singer/songwriters Brady Earnhart, Danny Schmidt, Jan Smith, Stratton Salidas, Lance Brenner, Browning Porter and Jeff Romano (Browning and Jeff are the singer and guitarist, respectively, of Nickletown, nee Treefrogs). After washing in the glow of the music for a couple of hours, he went up to them and said, "You are all going to be my best friends."

Sure enough, he was right, and the recent reprise of King of My Living Room in the summer of 2003 at Old Cabell Hall included Paul Curreri as one of the featured singer/songwriters.

Locally, Paul has played at the Prism Coffeehouse, the Gravity Lounge, Rapunzel's, Live Arts, and Tokyo Rose, to name a few notable Charlottesville venues.

Devon Sproule

Any bio of Paul Curreri would remiss if it did not discuss Devon Sproule, another singer/songwriter from Charlottsville. They're very close; I'm not sure exactly what their relationship is--its clear that he loves her, but whether it's platonic or more than that is something someone closer to the two should answer. I can quote Paul as referring to her as his "labelmate" (they both share the same label, City Salvage Records). However, he did just release an album titled Songs for Devon Sproule, so that should tell you something.

The two have played shows together frequently, and have gone on tour together as well. Then there's the album Duets by Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri.


From Long Gones to Hawkmoth - April 2002
Songs for Devon Sproule - April 2003
Both albums were released by City Salvage Records, an independent label based in Brooklyn, NY.

On Tour

Paul is always touring, although sometimes Charlottesvillians are lucky enough to hear him play in their neck of the woods. His tour, playfully titled "Make a Living Tour" has been all over the country, including Kalamazoo, Michigan. He frequently travels with Andy Friedman, founder of City Salvage Records and an artist/writer.

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