A short instrumental track on Opeth's fifth album, Blackwater Park. Much like for absent friends on the subsequent album, Deliverance, it provides a nice, calm, melodic interlude in the album before the brutal final track of the title. Acoustic guitar and piano are the instruments used in the song.

Limited edition re-issues of the Blackwater Park album came with a bonus disc featuring a track called Patterns in the Ivy II, as well as another called Still Day Beneath The Sun, and a video for Harvest. Both the extra songs are acoustic numbers that were recorded on an 8 track. Patterns in the Ivy II is not instrumental, the lyrics are as follows:

Patterns In The Ivy II

Without you I cannot confide in anything
The hope is pale designed in light of dreams you bring
Summer’s gone, the day is done soon comes the night
Biding time, leaving the line and out of sight

It runs in me, your poison seething in my veins
This skin is old and stained by late September rains
A final word from me would be the first for you
The rest is long but I’ll go on inside and through

One moonlit shadow on the wall
Disrupted in its own creation
Veiled in the darkness of this fall
Is this the end – manifestation

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