copyright 1986 Jim Becker and Andy Mayer. Illustrations by Carl Muller. Parody of children's board book, really not for kids, not inappropriate, but they won't get it.

Oh yes, it's another parody of Pat the Bunny, that insipid charmer.

Meet Robert
and Kathleen.
They own many nice things.
And they keep
very busy.
They're Yuppies.
You can own many
nice things.
And you can
keep very busy.

It's all about how Robert and Kathleen's worldy goods: condo, BMWs with LL Bean seat covers, SIMAC pasta maker. Now YOU can feel the soft seat covers. Would YOU like to feel how fresh the pasta is?

It's clever, even if you don't know what it's parodying. But $5.95 for a handful of yuppie jokes? And that's in 1986 dollars, back when milk flowed like honey and the streets were paved with chicken-fried steak. Still, a good addition to my "children's literature is riotous fun to make fun of" shelf.

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