copyright 1993 Henrik Drescher. Hyperion Books for Children. Board book, but a parody, not really for kids, though they'll like it too.

Pat the Bunny is an innocuous baby book, non-offensive and sweet. Hey, let's write a parody!

I adore Pat the Beastie, for its humor and for having done its homework. Every page is a direct corrolation to the same page in Pat the Bunny. Instead of patting Bunny's fur, we yank the fur of Beastie. The innocent Bunny peekaboo turns into ripping the shower curtain aside, revealing poor shivering maligned Beastie. Where Bunny waves and coos, Beastie devours the kids who pester him. And oh yes, the book includes a charming cutaway view of Beastie's stomach, to reveal the kids inside, bugeyed and screaming.

Listen, this book involves pokeable worm boogers. You like pokeable worm boogers!

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