I know it’s white trash as a whole
box of Little Debbies for breakfast,
a baloney sandwich fried in Crisco
because you can’t afford real butter,

but I swear to you, I never knew
that boy was growing inside me;
I’d birthed six kids for King;
it didn’t feel a thing like before.           

I was trying to ditch these hips.
I was buying celery, broccoli
and cabbage on sale at Aldi
so I thought he was just gas.                       

Ari kept telling me, “Momma,
there’s a purdy lady inside you
just waitin’ to make a jailbreak
from that fulsome prison of fat.”

It sure weren’t June Carter come bustin’
out when my water broke all over
the Wal-Mart’s restroom floor;
a trucker helped deliver my surprise.

King threw me out of the house that night;
one look at the baby, he knew I’d fucked
Bull White.  Lil’ Terry favors him so close
it’s like Whitey’s juice just grew on its own.

Mama warned me not to eat rotten apples,
but King’s dick went dead from pills
and booze. Whitey is a brutal fool,
but a gal like me is lucky for anyone’s fancy.

My life’s leaking through my redneck mistake;
even Ari left me to fend for myself in this maze
with a bullhead boy who laughs while he breaks
my grandma’s china and chowhounds our trailer.

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