When I was young, a store called The World of Cheese was run where the Tim Hortons now is in Toronto's Pape Station, with windows plastered with posters offering exotic cheeses at special prices. I had never gone into the store because it had always made me hold my breath, yet I was always fascinated by the variety of everything inside.

As I got older, I became more brave and followed my mother inside where she ordered Havarti and Brie. I was enthralled by the variety and quantity of cheese in such a tiny store as well as by the employees efficiency and warmth. The ladies behind the counter gave me a slice of cheddar before my mom paid for her purchase. We left too soon from what I remember.

The station now is fed by three bus routes (See below) with combined service north to Steeles Ave. and south to the Lakeshore as well as the Bloor-Danforth Subway. Transportation is provided to residents of the surrounding area and those who visit The Danforth during patio season and know better than to try and find parking.

Surface Routes:
  • 25 Don Mills (north)
  • 72 Pape (south)
  • 81 Thorncliffe Park (north)
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