Other designation: LaS Maybach

Type: Machine-gun armed light tank

History : When the Ausf A proved to be underpowered, and it's engine was found to overheat, the turret and superstructure were mounted on a longer chassis designed for the kl Pz Bef Wg.

Specific features: The Ausf B had a longer chassis than the Ausf A,having taken over the chassis designed for the kl Pz Bef Wg. The suspension was modified and resulted in 5 road wheels, 4 return rollers and the idler wheel elavated so that it was no longer in use as a road wheel. The rear deck was redesigned with louvres so arranged as to supply and exhaust air for the water-cooled engine and its radiator. The turret and superstructure were identical with those on the Ausf A.

Combat service: The Ausf B was issued to all existing Panzer units from 1935 until 1940. From the later half of 1940 until early 1941, it was phased out of service aand when the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941, only 74 were serving with Panzer Regiments. The Ausf B was issued as an armoured vehicle for company and battalion commanders of the Panzerjagerabteilung-(Sf) (tank-hunter detachments which were equipped with self-propelled anti-tank guns mounted on German-designed armoured vehicles). Late in 1943 the commanders of the Pz Jag Abt registered a complaint that the Ausf B was completely inadequate as a command vehicle.

Crew: 2

Engine: Maybach NL38TR

Gearbox: 5 forward, 1 reverse

Speed (km/hr): 40

Range (km): 170

Weight (tons): 5.8

Length (meters): 4.42

Width (meters): 2.06

Height (meters): 1.72

Armour (mm/angle):     Front       Side      Rear       Top/Bottom

Turret:                             13/10      13/22   13/22      8/82-90

Superstructure:             13/22      13/22    13/10     6/83-90

Hull:                                13/27      13/0      13/19     6/90

Gun mantlet:                 13/round


source used: Peter Chamberlain and Hilary L. Doyle: Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two. Arms and Armour Press, 1978.



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