The PalmaSutra is a small illustrated version of the ever so popular Kama Sutra, created for the Palm OS.

The PalmaSutra was created on September 1st, 2000 to settle a friends' challenge and is developed since.

PalmaSutra is a small freeware application which works on any platform supporting the Palm OS (version 2 and higher) and is available in 6 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch -- "to face any situation" as the creator says.

The application features many illustrated pictures of Kama Sutra positions, a built-in personal memopad to comment on any position, a favorites list to choose your preferred positions and a support for quick keyboard navigation.

A new version (2.0) is on it's way and from what I gather is highly anticipated by many. The official website ( promises the new version will present many more positions, colored images, security implementations and more.

The question remains: security implementations or not, do you really want to have illustrations of people having sex in different positions, along with your comments in a device you carry with you wherever you go?

I found out about the PalmaSutra while playing with someone's Palm in the office, with her consent, of course. Now, I don't think any less of her, but I do smile whenever I see her, amused with the idea I know her favorite positions.

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