A pub/restaurant in the rustic and oldest part of Sydney, The Rocks. More accurately, for those lucky enough to live in the Harbour City, on 35 Betting Street, Millers Point.

A traditional Aussie pub, it is built in what used to be a true, down-to-earth hotel in a building erected in the early 1800's. The downstairs (ground level) publican's bar is a small-ish affair, but has it's own parlour with tables and chairs. Very quaint, it can still hold almost 100 people at full swing.

The surrounding area is predominantly dockland. To the west, on the inner harbour is Patrick Stevedores, and to the north are the (now) disused facades of wool shed and the Maritime Service Board. To the east are the twisty sandstone alleys of The Rocks proper.

Upstairs in the Palisade Hotel is the marvelous Palisade Restaurant with resident chef and fave Everythingian, sneff.

Good for a pint of Boddingtons or a B&C.

Due to its location, is quiet during the day, perfect for a quick drink or business meeting or liquid lunch. At night, after work, is quite busy thanks to the local docks, but empties out pretty early, so get in quick or they will be kicking you out before you know it!

Address: Palisade Hotel - 35 Bettington St, Millers Point, Sydney, 2000. Phone (02) 9251-7225

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