The name of a little hotel / bar in Brno, Czesky Republica. They brew their own beer here, of three varieties - a dark brew, a light brew, and a wheat brew.

The dark brew is the best beer in the entire world, as far as I'm concerned. They ran out after the 2nd glass though, which was depressing.

Funny story about the Paegas Hotel, though. On the WPI Men's Glee Club 1999 tour of the Czech Republic, we spend 3 days and 2 nights in Brno. On the 2nd day we were there, we managed to find an internet cafe a few blocks (and through an alley) from our hotel. As soon as we finished up our email and were sipping at some nice cappucinos, some scraggly looking guy asked if he could sit with us. After he got his Pilsner Urkel, he explained that he was American, and that he had been here for a few years teaching English at night for a living. He had finally started to speak the language and told us that the Czech language was really strange -- there were entire sentences that had no vowels at all. He demonstrated with a sentence that sounded like "grunt-argh-ugh--click-click". We asked him what it meant and he said "Stick your finger down your throat" or something really strange like that.
Anyways, he finished his beer and asked us if we had a map. We, of course, did and pulled it out. With a pen, he marked off 2 bars and this little hotel, which he said we HAD to go to, it had the best beer around. Thanking him, we wandered off to our hotel until nightfall. Somehow, after the first bar, we managed to find the Paegas Hotel -- it was in a narrow side street, and the sign was painted gray on black.. very hard to read in the one dim streetlight. The four of us - Matt, Scott, John, and I, pulled up a table, and this waitress, who was probably about 25, decently attractive, and blonde, took our orders. We wanted 4 of their house dark beers. She came back with a pair of pint glasses filled with the dark cold beer and apologized - they were all out of the dark. This was the end of it. Matt picked up the little card-stand on the table that had all the fancy drinks on it -- you know, the kind with the little parasols in them, and pointed at a drink called "The Americana". It was pink, had sugar around the rim, and a blue parasol in it.
The waitress looked at him blankly and shook her head. She said, "No, no... is not much alcohol... is for girl! You want beer, you're a man."
We all had a hearty laugh at Matt's expense and she brought us 2 wheat beers, setting one in front of him. He had this pathetic little look on his face.. then he stole John's dark beer and happily drank it.

It was, you know, the best beer in the world. Hell, even Matt liked it. (and it cost us 20 crowns a pint. About $3 for the 4 of us. Never ceases to amaze me.)

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