PC Bodyguard is a lovely solution to those public access machines that tech support would never be away from if they weren't screwed down so tight Windows barely runs.

It consists of a PCI card that is installed and sits between the IDE bus and the hard disk and prevents changes being written to the drive.

A user can change or do anything they want to a protected system, even going as far as formatting the boot volume and PC Bodyguard prevents things going pear-shaped (or in other words stops me getting a service call to the machine). A simple cold boot is all thats required to restore that ever so efficient system that Microsoft spent so much time and money developing. It uses a system called Write Many Recoverable to protect the system. In simple terms, when a user initiates a write command, they are actually rerouted to a hidden scratch area whilst appearing to have taken place.

West Lothian Council have just installed PC Bodyguard in all public access machines in its libraries.

PC Bodyguard is produced by Calluna Technologies in Glenrothes, Scotland.

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