A game announced November 14, 2002 in developpment by Capcom's Production Studio 4, directed by Shinji Mikami, scheduled for release in Spring 2003 on the Nintendo Gamecube.

The game, whose name is short for "Project Number 03", is about a freelance mercenary names Vanessa Z. Schneider who is hired to kill robots. This plot centers on her being hired to destroy a Computer Arms Management System (CAMS), which happens to have killed her parents. The style looks like a combination of the main character from Starcraft: Ghost and many variants of machinery for enemies.

Early screenshots and movies show intense battles and complex dodging moves, simmilar to the gameplay of Devil May Cry, perhaps due to the fact that they share the same producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

Released in the fall of 2003 to little fanfare and poor reviews, the game is often described as repetititive and short, with some classifying it as playing simmilar to a shooter.

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