A country singer who has spent a little too much time in jail, Otis Lee Crenshaw is the composer of such splendid songs as He Almost Looks Like You ('And when he calls another man's name/he almost looks like you'), but it is for his between-song patter as much as his songwriting and performing skills that he is best known.
His observations on Jailhouse Rock - pointing out that no warder ever held a party in any jail he was in, and that the last thing you want to hear in jail is you're the cutest jailbird I ever did see - have changed the way many see the song forever.
Then there's his celebrated comment - 'I've had nine wives, all of them called Brenda. The psychiatrist says it's Oedipal, but there's nothing wrong with it - leastways, that's what my mom, Brenda, says'.
Crenshaw often performs as support act to his nephew, comedian Rich Hall, but many have suggested that he is in fact merely Hall with a small fake beard stuck on. We shall never know...

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